PuSh Festival: The Fever

Featuring 600 Highwaymen

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PuSh Festival presents 600 Highwaymen: The Fever

How much can we trust other people? How do we form our conceptions of them? What does it take for us to work together? The Fever takes issues like these and makes them the stuff of riveting theatre. It all begins with the character of Marianne, who has just held a party; from there, the performance builds into a study of community, caring and mutual reliance. Along the way, limits will be tested and bonds will form.

In these times of cultural fragmentation and heavy discord, art about the ways we work with—and against—each other has a special relevance, a special value. Don’t expect anything didactic from this piece, however; it doesn’t so much promote unity as enact it on the spot. That’s about as much as can be said without spoiling the many surprises in store…

“A lovely, haunting meditation on human connection, and disconnection … A poetic evocation of our mostly unspoken––and un-called upon––dependence on one another.” —The New York Times

Performance Dates

Jan 29, Wed 7:00pm
Jan 30, Thu 6:00pm
Jan 31, Fri 11:00am
Jan 31, Fri 6:00pm
Jan 31, Fri 9:00pm
Feb 1, Sat 6:00pm
Feb 1, Sat 9:00pm
Feb 2, Sun 12:00pm
Dates Jan 29 to Feb 2

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