THIS & The Last Caribou

New Dance Horizons

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At the ANNEX

PuSh Festival presents THIS & The Last Caribou

THIS & the last caribou is a series of three works; each of them explores our place in relation to history and nature.

THIS is a meditation on loss and recovery. It portrays a woman drifting alone on a carpet of ice, separated from her bundle of fur…

& depicts a dream sequence featuring a barebacked character, a rock, a red skirt, and waves enveloping a candy-coloured clown…

the last caribou is an ode to love and loss in our tragic times–a duo of song and echo, pairing a caribou dancer and their shadow…

From the acclaimed Regina-based company, New Dance Horizons, THIS & the last caribou demonstrates the integral role they play in strengthening the Saskatchewan dance community.

Presented with support from the Vancouver Civic Theatres. 

Dates Feb 2, Thu 7:30pm
Feb 3, Fri 7:30pm
Feb 4, Sat 2:30pm

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