Queer Film Fest: An Almost Ordinary Summer

Director Simone Godado

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At the Vancouver Playhouse

This charming comedy brings together two very different families to spend their holidays in the same house on the lush Italian seaside. Silver-fox Toni Castelvecchios and sensitive bear Carlo Petagnas have a secret to reveal to their children ­— the two men are engaged. Naturally, they orchestrate a vacation for their respective and unsuspecting families in order to facilitate in-law introductions… but their plans go comically awry.

The aristocratic Castelvecchios are artistic, open-minded and eccentric, and immediately clash with the tight-knit, working-class Petagnas. However, once the engagement is announced, the two eldest siblings from each family form an unlikely alliance and plot to derail the marriage—Carlo’s son Sandro because of his homophobic shock that his father would fall in love with a man after the death of his wife, and Toni’s daughter Penelope because she still hasn’t come to terms with her parents divorce. Class differences create tension and old family wounds reopen in this family romcom; it’s La Cage Aux Folles meets Mamma Mia! on the sexy Italian coast.

An Almost Ordinary Summer | Simone Godado | Italy | 2019 | 100 min | Italian with English Subtitles.

Tickets From $10
Date Aug 25
Start time 7:00pm

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