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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

At the Vancouver Playhouse

AEG Presents Samantha Bee Your Favourite Woman: The Joy of Sex Education

This obscene vanity project promises to remind you women are inherently magical beings despite what six Supreme Court justices and your Instagram feed wants you to believe.

“Many of the best segments we did on Full Frontal focused on making complex issues more accessible,” said Bee. "And I am called to do that once again. Not sure why. Nothing much is happening in the world of women's bodily autonomy, so I am taking it upon myself to teach the parts of Sex Ed that should’ve been taught by your gym teacher.”

The live show will feature Bee’s signature comedy, memorable visual aids, and debunked myths that have been drilled into our heads since the dawn of recorded history.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to reach a theater full of people at once, instead of my other plan – to individually knock on doors and deliver this show in living room after living room,” said Bee. “And so, in the immortal words of one of our most renowned news icons: “WE’LL DO IT LIVE. F*CK IT”.

Date Oct 12
Start time 7:30pm

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