Sound of Dragon Music Festival

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Venue: ANNEX

Sound of Dragon Society presents the 2024 Sound of Dragon Music Festival Day 1

Founded in 2013, 3peoplemusic is rooted in the classical traditions of Taiwan, but with a keen eye on the horizons of contemporary music. The trio consists of KUO Jing-Mu on guzheng (zither), PAN I-Tung on zhongruan (lute), and JEN Chung on dizi and xiao (bamboo flutes). This unique instrumentation allows 3peoplemusic to explore a vast sonic landscape, blending elements of classical, contemporary, and world music into a cohesive and innovative sound. The bands 2016 debut album won a nomination at the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. Change (2021 release) won Best Cross Genre Music Album at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards and was nominated for Best Composition and Best Recording. Their international acclaim was further solidified with a Bronze at the 2022 Global Music Awards, while 3rd CD Catalysis: Fusion of Senses (2023 release) earned the trio a nomination for Best Cross Genre Music Album at the 34th awards.

3peoplemusic has toured extensively in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Germany, France, and beyond, representing a new voice of Taiwan to the world. They have produced/performed at Folk Tune Variations: 3peoplemusic and Mystery Guests in 2016, performances at the Taiwan International Arts Festival in 2018 and the National Theatre & Concert Hall IDEAS Lab in 2019, a 2020 collaboration with Frances Le Phénix theatre to produce Battle! and a partnership with the renowned French string quartet Tana Quartet.

Date May 24
Start time 8:00pm

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