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Nowadays, rope skipping and diabolo spinning have gradually developed to be popular sports in the world. International competitions of these sports are not new. However, Taiwan has developed a unique new form of folk art performance which combines stylish rope skipping, diabolo spinning, shuttlecock kicking, and top spinning acts with dance, gymnastics and drama elements. With precise control of body movement, rhythm, and the perfect teamwork, this new form of performance emerges as a delicate and entertaining art. We are looking forward to sharing this art with the world and to earn more appreciation and understanding of Taiwan and its valuable asset - folk art and culture.

We've put together a show combining Taiwan aboriginal folk dance and traditional Taiwanese dance, and performance combining folk sports and modern dance in our program. On top of the exciting performance, you will be immersed in the beauty of traditional music and clothing. We sincerely hope that through our performance, you can catch the glimpse of the beauty of Chinese and aboriginal culture. We wish you would have a good time with us and enjoy the program as much as we do.

The event is organized by Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society.

This event has been made possible in part by the Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Tickets From $5
Dates Jul 30, Tue 7:00pm
Aug 1, Thu 7:00pm

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