TaiwanFest: Music & My Journey

Featuring Vi An Diep


At the ANNEX

TaiwanFest presents Music and My Journey of Identities

This is a dialogue about music and identity.
Four musicians from four cultures,
Each of different ethnicities,
Yet, who share the same life experiences.
They will meet for the first time,
Exchanging their stories through music.

They’ll talk about the important things of life,
Like the search for truth,
Chasing the stories of truth,
And letting us believe in hope, with courage and perseverance.

Music is a new means of dialogue,
By letting yourself fall into the music,
Life’s journeys will emerge.

Within this 90 minute program, we will see impromptu musical exchanges, and the sharing of stories through music. Hosted by Canadian singer-songwriter Ginalina in Vancouver, we’ll see the creativity of Suana, the multi-talented Vietnamese-Canadian musical artist Vi An Diep, and Indigenous Canadian singer Tiffany Moses. Wait, and see what tales and emotions emerge from this unique collaboration!

Check the TaiwanFest page for profiles of the artists

Free seats will be available at the door on a first-come-first-served basis.

Date Sep 1
Start time 4:00pm

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