TaiwanFest: My Journey

Caroline Nguyen


At the ANNEX

TaiwanFest presents My Journey in Taiwan as a Newcomer From Vietnam

How did an overseas student studying Mandarin in Taiwan become a YouTuber? How did she bring Taiwanese and Vietnamese peoples and cultures closer together? How did she become the first non-native Taiwanese to serve as emcee at Taiwan’s National Day celebrations?

Meet Caroline Nguyen! Your first impression of her will be a soft-spoken, yet confident and courageous woman who stays true to her thoughts and opinions. Compared to early Vietnamese immigrants, Caroline fell in love with the culture, customs, and friendliness of the Taiwanese people. Yet, she was surrounded by societal stereotypes against new immigrants. “The initial idea was to use my own story to break the false impressions that Taiwanese people held towards Vietnamese-Taiwanese marriages,” she explained. Choosing to confront the stereotypes, Caroline and her husband, John, created a YouTube channel: “Hang TV – 越南夯台灣”. With a goal to use new media to bridge the cultural gap between Taiwan and Vietnam, the channel introduced Vietnamese culture to Taiwanese viewers, while presenting the customs and lifestyles of Taiwan to Vietnam. For her efforts, Caroline was invited to serve as a co-emcee on National Day in Taiwan, presenting a brand new outlook on new immigrants to Taiwan.

As you get to know and understand Caroline, you’ll get to see the determination behind her friendly, warm outward appearance. This summer, Caroline is bringing the stories of her journey to Canada, one of the world’s most diverse nations, drawing our cultures closer, so that we can love Taiwan and Vietnam together!

Free seats will be available at the door on a first-come-first-served basis.

Date Sep 1
Start time 1:00pm

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