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TEDxYouth @SeymourSt

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TEDxYouth@SeymourSt is Downtown Vancouver's newest TEDx event, targeted specifically at the youth in our communities.

A subsidiary of TED, our TEDxYouth event will feature a diverse range of speakers, from Hollywood stunt actresses to 15-year-old world record holders, our goal is to showcase and 'share ideas worth spreading'.

Some will be speaking on stories of perseverance and strength, while others will enthrall with predictions on our future in space travel. Regardless of topic, TEDxYouth@SeymourSt believes that in order to revolutionize inspiration, we must provide a platform and an opportunity without limits.

Join us this fall to recognize, entertain and motivate some of the most inspiring individuals in our communities.

Tickets From $16
Date Sep 21
Start time 10:00am

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