The Collective Why

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At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

TractionForce 2019 will look at how an organization's Collective Why drives their investments in their people, process and technology to achieve success. Throughout the day, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre will be packed with great speakers, engaging sessions and ample learning opportunities.

The seventh annual conference boasts a new keynote format, featuring Aaron Zifkin, Managing Director for Canada at Lyft and world-renowned rock climber and lead in the Oscar-winning documentary, Free Solo, Alex Honnold. While Alex and Aaron operate in very different capacities, their keynote sessions will similarly explore how defining and staying true to personal and Collective Whys has led to growth and success in business.

Regardless of whether or not your organization has already defined its Collective Why, TractionForce 2019 brings together a collection of individuals and organizations that are excelling at putting their purpose into action. You’ll leave TF19 inspired to define, embrace and act on your organization’s Collective Why.

Tickets From $35
Date May 23
Start time 9:00am
Doors Open 8:00am

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