VCT Visual Arts Gallery Open House

Free event


Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Vancouver Civic Theatres is proud to present a visual arts gallery open house with paintings by Enda Bardell and Ewan McNeil

Enda Bardell - Vancouver Reconstructed

There are negative spaces amidst the positive spaces, there are overlapping angles, repetitive patterns and a geometry of shadows cast by buildings upon each other. When painted from this perspective, the horizontal lines of balconies and fenestration, juxtaposed with vertical elements and a glimpse of sky emerge as an exciting composition. Viewers are challenged to see buildings not only for what they are, but for the effects they create.

Ewan McNeil - construXts

Painting with agency in the face of the current tsunami of electronic imaging, construXts is an equal mix of personal iconography and iconography "mined" from the Internet landscape to create dialogues by pairing the representational with elements of abstraction.

The evening will include a live performance featuring musicians from Vancouver Opera! 

A free all ages event from 5:00pm to 8:00pm in the lobbies of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with a cash bar. 

Date Oct 21
Start time 5:00pm
Doors Open 5:00pm

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