*Cancelled* VCT Art Gallery Open House

Free event


In the Queen Elizabeth Theatre lobbies
This event is now cancelled, if it is possible it may be rescheduled

Vancouver Civic Theatres is proud to present a visual arts gallery open house with artwork by Terra Poirier and Lori Goldberg.

Uncertain Ground: Pinhole photography by Terra Poirier

Terra Poirier works with long exposure pinhole photography to explore memory, place, and the disruption of both. She is interested in how location functions as an anchor for memory, particularly in so far as both are unstable. Such instability is useful in considering troubled and fragmented spaces especially sites of longing, confusion or grief. Pinhole photography is particularly suited to these concerns—longer exposure time allows the picture to rewrite itself, constantly shifting to create a porous, uncertain representation. Memory, too, is an analog form—we rewrite each time we recall, creating new stories—new versions of ourselves, where we’ve been, and what happened there.

Poetics of the Discarded by Lori Goldberg

Each artwork radiates from the incubating theme of raising awareness about our relationship to our environment. Using a devalued object such as trash as the subject for culturally valued art-objects (paintings) produces insightful dialogue about our consumption and presents an opportunity to be gently reconnected to our discarded things.

Loosely-rendered human forms juxtaposed with images of garbage heaps; idyllic underwater scenes that reveal the outline of a plastic bag floating in the water above; perilously thin scaffolding surrounding a dark forest – all images suggesting the precariousness of the relationship between humans and their life-support system: the environment.

The gallery open house also includes work from the Vancouver Community College Jewellery Art and Design Program.

A free all ages event from 5:00pm to 8:00pm in the lobbies of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with a no-host bar. 

Date Apr 28
Start time 5:00pm
Doors Open 5:00pm

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