VCT Visual Arts Open House

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Venue: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

In the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Lobbies 5pm to 8pm

Vancouver Civic Theatres is proud to present a Visual Arts Open House in the lobbies of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The current visual arts exhibition features work by Tiffany Blaise and Fanny Tang.

This free event will include a 6:30pm artist talk and musical performance throughout the evening by Jeff Bryant.

About the Exhibition

Tiffany Blaise – Seasons of Eternity
Seasons of Eternity features dynamic trees, dramatic skies, and "on the water" perspectives of the sea. A sense of motion sways and ripples with spiritual energy and expresses a pervasive life force. Rhythmic continuity unites rocks, sea, and sky into a bold convergence. These visual elements invite viewers to immerse themselves in each painting and to go beyond the mere reproduction of forms into the possibility of experiencing the power of place within each landscape.

The pieces in ONELESS ONENESS invite us to embrace vital ecosystems, and to accept, let go, and join the unifying beauty of oneness. Acrylic pouring techniques form swimming sea creatures, integrated with mountains and clouds. Birds are integrated into seascapes, aquatic life into skyscapes, and the use of an intense candy-coated colour palette forms a mythical world, juxtaposing realism and surrealism. The effect offers us a reprieve from reality, ultimately reminding us that there is always potential, hope, and connection in the now.

The exhibition will also feature work by Anna Altwein, Micah J. Barrass, Nicole Cote, and Sarah Silvey; graduates from Vancouver Community College’s Jewellery Arts and Design Program.

Date Nov 28
Start time 5:00pm
Doors Open 5:00pm

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