Catherine Gaudet

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Venue: ANNEX

The Vancouver International Dance Festival presents Catherine Gaudet in Se dissoudre

After L’affadissement du merveilleux, which made a big impression on Agora de la danse audiences in 2018, the Quebec choreographer Catherine Gaudet continues to pursue her interest in ambiguity as a vector of sensation and evocation. With a deft, subtle touch, she brings forth from the inner depths our constituent elements, our hardness, our complexity, our simplicity. The body becomes a taut screen ready to receive the images, impressions and sensations that make us who we are in all that we contain, both the acceptable and the shameful. Wavering between hesitation and suspension, individually and collectively, we are both the projection screen of a movie and the actor in that movie. Se dissoudre, piece by Catherine Gaudet for a solo dancer, is a space where solitude reveals what remains when everything is on hold.

Dates Feb 28, Wed 8:00pm
Feb 29, Thu 8:00pm
Mar 1, Fri 8:00pm
Mar 2, Sat 8:00pm

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