Conan Amok

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Venue: ANNEX

The Vancouver International Dance Festival presents Conan Amok in The Folds

The Folds is a 60-minute solo butoh work by Conan Amok that was performed in several theaters in Paris, France and Cluj, Romania in 2023. With the theme of transformation, time, space, and body form - layers of consciousness and perspective that fold over each other. They twist, distort, and, sometimes, collapse. With slight convulsions, Amok’s corpse stands and stares at itself. Sacredness and vulgarity run rampant on all sides of his body. Body and choreography merge as phenomena leaving a blank space around them with an afterimage that lingers on. Amok’s choreography is a reference to the essence of physical expression — the transformation of the human.

Conan Amok’s dance, developed while understudying his master Akaji Maro during his 11 years as a member of Dairakudakan, is both powerful and delicate. The flow of power toward exhaustion repeatedly ruptures in small pieces within a vacuum state. 

Dates Mar 6, Wed 8:00pm
Mar 7, Thu 8:00pm
Mar 8, Fri 8:00pm
Mar 9, Sat 8:00pm

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