*Cancelled* Israel Galván Company

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Venue: Vancouver Playhouse

The Vancouver International Dance Festival presents Israel Galván Company in Mellizo Doble *CANCELLED*

Niño de Elche sings. Israel Galván dances. Usually, the experience of flamenco feels human, too human. However, when the theatre burns, and skin and flesh go up in flames, we can make out, under the bones, two machines. There are precedents: the composing machine of the young Meneses, the motor dance of Vicente Escudero, the concrete images of Val del Omar. In truth, flamenco is a son of the age of machines, and began with the steam motor, textile factories and the railway, a companion against the grain of the industrial revolution. This is why there is a misunderstanding between text and what is happening: where the public sees spontaneity, there is a strict and regulated language. Only a machine can produce this emotion. And that is the idea: making the public dance is nothing more than introducing them, making them take part in the machinery of the concert. In open competition with technique, as Escudero did with the two electric dynamos, it is a matter of showing that blood, sweat and tears are also really a cyborg experience, feelings which both humans and machines share.

Please contact VIDF for more info. 

Dates Mar 6, Wed 8:00pm
Mar 7, Thu 8:00pm
Mar 8, Fri 8:00pm
Mar 9, Sat 8:00pm

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