New Music Festival: Resonances

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At the ANNEX

Vancouver New Music Festival: Resonances

This year’s festival, Resonances – transformation, mapping and sonification brings together artists who explore practices of artistic transformation with a wide understanding of its inherent possibilities. Taking inspiration from predecessors, or mining non-sound related data and information, these artists trace paths through sound and performance that diverge into new forms, expressions and ideas.

Featured artists include airborne extended (Austria), Linda Bouchard (Montreal), chdh (France), Sammy Chien (Vancouver), Kite (Oglala Lakota), Leslie Garcia and Paloma López (Mexico), Elvira Hufschmid and VEE (Vancouver), Brady Marks (Vancouver), and Atau Tanaka (US/UK). Spun Spectra , a photographic-sound series of illuminated prints of spider web structures and resonating cedar panels by Nicolas Teichrob (Ucluelet) and Giorgio Magnanensi, will be shown in the ANNEX theatre space for the duration of the festival.

For full schedule and details click on the ticketing link.

Dates Oct 17, Thu 8:00pm
Oct 18, Fri 8:00pm
Oct 19, Sat 8:00pm

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