Visions of Heaven

Featuring Alisa Weilerstein

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Venue: Orpheum

At the Orpheum

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Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's Masterworks Diamond presents Visions of Heaven: Mozart, Golijov & Mahler

A musical contemplation of spirituality and human existence. Through the lens of the incorrigible Don Giovanni, Mozart wrestled with the purpose of being, and unwittingly examined the end of his own life. Experience the incredible depth of Alisa Weilerstein as she performs Argentinian composer Golijov’s contemplative cello concerto that explores heaven through the blue (azul) sky. Maestro Tausk closes the program with Mahler’s take on a child’s vision of heaven.

This Mahler symphony is dedicated to Ronald L. Cliff, CM, OBC

Dates Nov 4, Fri 8:00pm
Nov 5, Sat 8:00pm

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